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  • The stylish and funky design of BUMERANG range is the perfect storage solution for your child's bedroom requirements.

  • BUMERANG system offers large cabinets in multiple dimensioms, spacious book shelves and a functional chest of drawers. The set additionally includes short cabinets that can be used as a table for audio and video equipment. Dimension: 110/40/52cm Available handles color: white orange pink red green turquoise

  • HAPPY set is a perfect solution for your modern bedroom. Comes in buk ibsen + white+ champagne color. Included: Corner wardrobe: 93/194/93cm, (299e) Linen closet: 55/194/41cm, (199e) Regal: 55/194/41cm, (199e) Wardrobe 2 doors: 80/194/54cm, (250e) Commode: 80/101/41cm, (150e) Hanging shelf: 148/25/25.5 cm, (60e) Desk: 140/75/60cm, (180e) Bed with storage:...

  • TREND is a perfect solution for your modern bedroom. Included: Corner wardrobe: 93/194/93cm (299e) Book shelf: 55/194/41cm, (170e) Hanging shelf: 148/25/25.5cm (45e) Desk: 140/75/60cm, (120e) Bed with storage: 205/59/94cm (250e) Also available: Linen closet: 55/194/41cm, (180e) Wardrobe 2 doors: 80/194/54cm (250e) Commode: 80/101/41cm, (150e)

  • Santana range features a unique combination of colour, novelty and practicality. This range perfectly fits the contemporary trends and tastes of young customers. 

Showing 13 - 17 of 17 items